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This is our last warning:

it’s time for brands to take responsibility for plastic pollution.

Companies have only recycled 9% of all plastic waste ever produced, yet they make us feel guilty about plastic pollution. Meanwhile, their ads lure us into buying their products packaged in plastic, offering too few alternatives. It’s time to give them a warning sign they can’t miss.

A Plastic Warnings attack brands where it hurts the most: at their image.

If the packaging industry won’t change,
Plastic Warnings can become a reality.

Share this video to pressure business leaders.

I have shared the video.
What else can I do?

Look for our Instagram stickers with the “plasticwarnings” keyword in the app. Expose the facts behind plastic packaging and tag us @greenpeacehu.

Download our posters and warning labels and use them anywhere online or IRL, where you think our message can get in front of decision makers.

I’m a CEO.
How can I also become a Chief Environmental Officer?

Others have found alternatives to plastic. You can, too.

Although there is no single solution to the plastic problem, with these ideas we aim to inspire you to find alternative solutions to plastic packaging.

Rethink distribution

Eliminate single-use containers by offering a refilling model.


Rethink your product

Change its form to eliminate the need for a plastic container.


Rethink packaging

Change its functionality by giving it a higher purpose.


Rethink recycling

Deposit fees help you account for the plastic you distribute.